• Keep your landscaping trimmed so that your doors, windows and walkways are not obscured.
  • Make sure all of your exterior doors have good locks, security strike plates and peepholes.
  • If you see any suspicious activities, call Yukon police.
Prevent a Nighttime Burglary

A nighttime burglary is not common, but it can and does occur.

  • Keep all unattended overhead and side garage doors closed and secured.
  • If you have one, use your home alarm system.
  • Check that all doors, windows and fence gates are closed and locked.
  • If you don't park your vehicle in the garage, make sure you remove all valuables including the remote control for your overhead garage door.
  • Leave all of your exterior lighting on from dusk to dawn.

Neighborhood Watch

Protect Yourself and Your Family From Crime

  • Get to know your neighbors. It's more likely you'll know if something is wrong.
  • Keep your yard groomed and free of trash.  A clean, well-groomed neighborhood sends a message to would-be criminals that you and your neighbors care about your community. Overgrown shrubbery provides criminals with a place to hide.
  • Leave lights on inside and outside. Lights make it look like your home is occupied and makes it easier for police or neighbors to see suspicious activity. The estimated additional cost is $1.50 per month.

Property Owners Association

  • Keep your doors and windows locked. An unlocked car door or window provides opportunity for a burglar.
  • Paint over graffiti fast. If left, it invites more crime. Vandals may assume you don't care about the community.
  • Make it look like someone's home. Burglars are less likely to break into a home that's occupied -- or into a home that appears to be occupied.
  • Leave the radio or television on loud enough for someone to hear it if they're standing at the door.
  • Walk only in well-lit areas. This allows you to see and avoid would-be attackers. Also, be observant of your surroundings while walking.